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Helldorado in Europe

Helldorado - Live in Germany and Switzerland
Helldorado are ready to rock your world. Check them out at:
Tuesday 22. Oct -Wild At Heart, Berlin, Germany
Wednesday 23. Oct -Eldorado, Zürich, Zwitzerland
Thursday 24. Oct -Senkel, Stans, Zwitzerland
Friday 25. Oct -ISC, Bern, Zwitzerland
Saturday 26. Oct -Gasthaus "Zum Schwülmetal", Lödingsen, Germany
Sunday 27. Oct -Vahlbruch, Germany

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Helldorado - preorder vinyl and CD

Helldorado - Bones In The Closet

Bones In The Closet (album LP and CD) is now available for preorder at
Bandcamp. Official release date 19. April (Scandinavia), 29. April (Europe), 13. May (UK)

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2012 Top List and Playlist


A new year is just around the corner and it´s time for a big THANK YOU to all the artists we´ve been involved with in 2012, and all the music lovers out there who´s streamed, bought and listened to our music.

We´ve put together a playlist with some of the highlights of 2012, as well as a couple of Top 10 lists for those who might be interested

This compilation features tracks from all CCAP´s releases in 2012 in reverse chronological order. All tracks available through iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Deezer, Amazon etc. Please share the playlist!

Top 10 Downloads - Release

Artist - Release - Cat #

Deathbarrel - Merciless Winds - CCAP144
Frode Johannessen - Ein liden tegning - CCAP148
Elise Vatsvaag - This Is Not My Music EP #1 - CCAP146
Atlars & DJ Veekash - Tigerbalsam for sjelå - CCAP156
Jorunn Hodne - Move On - CCAP161
Helldorado - Sinful Soul - CCAP085
Helldorado - The Ballad of Nora Lee - CCAP040
Elise Vatsvaag - This Is Not My Music EP #2 - CCAP147
Adele Erichsen feat. kNERO - Not Drunk Enuff - CCAP125
The Norwegian Fords - The Norwegian Fords - CCAP075

Top 10 Download - Tracks
Artist - Track - Release - Cat #

Adele Erichsen feat. kNERO - Not Drunk Enough - Not Drunk Enuff - CCAP125
Adele (Erichsen) - Don´t Get Me Started - POP08 The Sound Of Stavanger- CCAP067
Fab Foursome (Line Larsen)- Suffering - (Not Just) Another X-mas Album - CCAP034
Eltervaag - Wasteland- Eltervaag EP - CCAP130
Elise Vatsvaag - Ooh La La - Ooh la la - CCAP124
Poor Edward - Power Of The Gospel - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Poor Edward - Switzerland - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Poor Edward - Look To The Sky - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Poor Edward - The Storm - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Janove Ottesen & Kitchen Orchestra - Pumper Julen rett inn - Pumper Julen rett inn - CCAP142

Top 10 Streaming - Tracks
Artist - Track - Release - Cat#

Adele (Erichsen) - Don´t Get Me Started - POP08 The Sound Of Stavanger - CCAP067
Adele Erichsen feat. kNERO - Not Drunk Enough - Not Drunk Enuff- CCAP125
Poor Edward - Follow Me Down - Soldiers and Sundays - CCAPlokal88
Cut The Track Productions - Någen har låge med någen (featuring JRH) - Någen har låge med någen (featuring JRH) - CCAP A.S. 110
FordRekord - Hold deg våken - Hold deg våken - CCAP160
Janove Ottesen & Kitchen Orchestra - Pumper Julen rett inn - Pumper Julen rett inn - CCAP142
Poor Edward - Anybody Seen Her - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135
Deathbarrel- Merciless Winds- Merciless Winds CCAP150
Elise Vatsvaag- Ooh La La - Ooh la la- CCAP124
Poor Edward - The Storm - Time Is Gonna Change You - CCAP135


Yes, it´s that time of the year again.
From all of us to all of you, a slightly alternative x-mas collection.

Some of these tracks were first released in 2004 on the "(Not Just) Another X-Mas Album". Thirteen of the fifteen tracks on the compilation was specifically written for this compilation. Use the "buy" link to check out the rest of the album on iTunes.

As a bonus we´ve added two tracks from 2010 and 2011: Kitchen Orchestra´s collaborations with Pål Jackman and Janove Ottesen. Both these tracks are released on beautiful colored 7" vinylsingles with handprinted covers. (the tracks are also available for streaming and download through Spotify, Wimp, Amazon, 7-Digital, iTunes etc)

The latest addition to this playlist is the new single from Elise Vatsvaag: December. Not a x-mas track per se, but the title and the track fits nicely with the rest of the tracks


New Music!


As promised in a post earlier this week, here are some brand new tracks for your listening pleasure. Feel free to share the playlist and/or any of the tracks. Click on each track for more info. Have a great weekend!

The Brigade - single and video


Debutsingle by The Brigade on sale monday 7. June

First single from The Brigade´s debutalbum "Dead Man´s Gold" (release fall 2010). Some call their music rock, some country and yet others americana. You’ll hear references to Nick Cave and The Doors among others. Riding their musical train across the American continent their lyrics reflect a misanthropic environment where religion and alcohol are the pillars of life. Most women have turned their back to this world, and the few that are left have abandoned all hope of a respectable life. The Brigade members have years of experience from Helldorado, Flying Shoes, Getaway People among others. The album is produced by Janove Ottesen (Kaizers Orchestra), mixed by Yngve "duperman" Saethre

Check the track at Soundcloud

The Brigade - She Wouldn't Let Me Drown (mp3) by CCAP


As we mentioned in our first blog post this year CCAP have moved location and we are currently reshaping the company to better meet the demands of todays music market. We have been spending a lot of time lately doing research, studying the music market, the players, the tools, emerging trends, the different ideas and philosophies regarding todays music business and where we are all headed. There is so much going on in the world of music and in the music business these days that just thinking about it can make you dizzy. The downside is that there are so many different opinions and so many options these days that it is really to hard to figure out which way to turn. The upside is that there will always be a need and interest for good music and there is a strong belief that there is still a need for someone to take care of the business side of things (thats us!)
We went to By:larm in Oslo in February to meet our colleagues and catch up on the latest business development and check out some new bands. Earlier this month we visited London as a member of the Music Export Norway delegation to learn more about the British Music Market and meet representatives from the British music business. We got stuck in London for a few days due to the Icelandic vulcano, which was a bit of a hassle. But still, if you are going to get stuck somewhere London is not the worst place to stay.
These days we are working hard to find funding for our company and the projects we have worked on the past months. Not an easy task in the best of times, made even harder by the negative trend in the music business for the past few years, but hopes are high and ambitions even higher.
Before the summer we will have a brand new websolution which we are really looking forward to launch. We have also recently signed a new distribution deal for Europe plus some other territories. More information on this later.
These are some of the artists we are working with these days, check our latest newsletter for more info on some of these talents
BORDERLINE CASE - basic rock´n roll just the way you like it. They have just released a new EP on CCAPlokal
SASQUACTH are releasing a new album on CCAPknirk these days. Jazz based but the band have shown that they also appeal to the indie and noize crowds
JORUNN HODNE will be releasing her debut album next month. Moody cabaret pop with a dash of jazz
THE BRIGADE with members from Helldorado and Stonefish Brigade will be releasing their debutalbum in September. A single and video will be released in May. Great band, dark folk influenced rock. If you like Helldorado and/or Madrugada you will love these guys
THE SHOCK! are releasing the first official single and video in May
SEBASTIAN WALDEJER is now an official member of THOMAS DYBDAHL`s touring band. The tour supporting the new Thomas Dybdahl album started this week
CHRISTER KNUTSEN just came home from his first European tour with Sivert Høyem. The tour was a great success
THE LIST released their new EP Twentysox earlier this year. There was a bit of a problem with the production of the vinyl, but its finally arrived and will be available online very soon
Talking about vinyl, the new RUB A DUBS album, Frozen Light, will also be available on vinyl online very soon.
HELLDORADO will be releasing their latest album, Sinful Soul, in Europe this fall. They will also be touring in Europe
Thats it for now, more news soon!

Sinful Soul reviews

Some great reviews for the new Helldorado album, Sinful Soul. These are in Norwegian. We will post new reviews as soon as they are published

HELLDORADO - «Sinful Soul»
Av Egon Holstad - Nordlys
Publisert 13.05.2009 - 16:18 Oppdatert 13.05.2009 - 16:19

Stavanger-baserte Helldorado har siden 2001 vært et av landets suverent mest talentfulle og beste rockband, og man er nesten fristet til å tro at det er noen onde, høyere makter som har hindret dem i å nå et større publikum enn hva som til nå har vært tilfelle. At de i tillegg gjør det skarpt nedover i Europa gjør bare poenget enda tydeligere.

Sinful Soul er deres tredje fullengder, og er bare nok et bevis på hvor sanseløst bra de er, og samtidig hvor uforståelig obskure de fortsatt er her på berget.

Deres forrige album, The Ballad Of Nora Lee (2005), var rett og slett et episk mesterverk et sted midt imellom 16 Horsepower, Lee Hazlewood, Nick Cave, Chris Isaak og The Gun Club (og alt annet kult du måtte ha lyst til å tilføye). Denne gangen er de ikke langt unna samme skyhøye nivå, men skiva er ikke like umiddelbar, og tar derfor lenger tid på å sette seg. Og så borrer den seg fast i hjernen og nekter å slippe taket.

Med unntak av litt masete låt i Sixty Seven er jeg mer eller mindre bergtatt av hele skiva, for her får du servert varme og smektende semiballader (åpningssporet Steal Away er til å dåne av), barske rockere, mariachikrydrede festperler, surfinspirerte knallerter og episke historier fortalt av Stemmen med stor S osv. osv. osv. At de i tillegg har fått skiva mikset i New York av Barry Diament, sier bare alt om ambisjonsnivået (han har gjort det samme for bl.a. Led Zeppelin og AC/DC).

For hva er egentlig dette bandets svakheter? De har kanskje landets aller beste vokalist, de er teknisk sett på et nivå man sjelden ser og hører i et rockband, og de skriver låter som om de hadde doktorgrad i nettopp dét. Og så er de formidable live. Herregud, kan ikke folk skjønne at de må sjekke dem ut? For bandets del, for deres egen del og ehhh... for rockens del. Nå er det på tide at de slår gjennom. Alt annet er en skandale og skamplett på norsk kulturliv. Og det mener jeg faktisk helt bokstavelig.

Helldorado - Sinful Soul
Av Rune Slyngstad - Fædrelandsvennen
Publisert 12.05.2009 - 10:00 Oppdatert 12.05.2009 - 19:28

Her er bandet som kan overta etter Midnight Choir og Madrugada. Dag Vagle heter vokalisten her som tar opp arven etter Paal Flaata og Sivert Høyem. Det Helldroado gjør her er en maktdemonstrasjon innenfor filmatisk musikk etter Ennio Morricone-formelen, koblet med episke murder ballads, americana og hvileløs ørkenrock.

Etter en aktiv periode første halvdel av dette tiåret med tre albumutgivelser, er dette det første de gir ut siden den gedigne "The ballad of Nora Lee" høsten 2005. I mellomtiden har de festet et visst grep i mange europeiske land. Og Helldorado er visstnok stjerner i Tyrkia der supporterne til fotballandslaget har adoptert deres "Drinking song".

Bandet har minsket til en trio. Men det merkes ikke. En strykekvartett og tre blåsere er med på å holde oppe trykket på de tolv låtene. Her er ikke et kjedelig øyeblikk. Bandet virvler opp gyllent musikkstøv som de i neste omgang fjerner med tårevåte og blodige ballader. "Sinful soul" er så full av nerve og sjel og formidlingslyst at det ikke nytter å forsøke å slippe unna.

Terningkast 5 HELLDORADO: «Sinful soul»
Kjetil Wold – Stavanger Aftenblad

Svikere og syndefulle sjeler
«Sinful soul» oser av sorg, synd, sex og smerte. Helldorados fjerde album er ingen gladplate.

Ingen av Helldorados utgivelser er gladplater. Men «Sinful soul» er en sterk og stemningsfull utgivelse.

Helldorado er et av de relativt få norske bandene som har - og alltid har hatt - et distinkt særpreg. Helldorado virrer ikke mellom sjangrene i håp om å treffe tidas melodi. Trioen bestående av hovedkomponist Dag Sindre Vagle (gitar, piano og vokal), Hans Arvid Wassvik (bass) og Morten Jackman (trommer) er tro mot sine americanaidealer.

Og Helldorado er stilige representanter for americana avdeling sør: Det vil si musikken, fargene, luktene og stemningene som man gjerne forbinder med de sørlige statene i USA samt Mexico.

TROLØSE FIGURER: Det er i disse faktiske og mentale landskapene historiene på «Sinful soul» utspiller seg. Åpneren «Steal away» er en sjelfull og forpint crime & love-sang. Og allerede i neste låt, «Your sinful soul», melder Helldorado tydelig ifra om hvor vi befinner oss - om noen ennå skulle være i tvil:
Distant thunder is rolling / Across the desert sands
Distant thunder is rolling / Across this pagan lands

Dermed er de tematisk og geografiske premissene lagt. Det er under den åpne himmel, i de vidåpne og brennende hete ørkenlandskaper Helldorados cineastiske og troløse figurer brenner hull i sjelene sine - om de noensinne har hatt noen. Det er her ondskapen, synden og de frykteligste forbrytelser utfolder seg. Mennene er grimme, kvinnene sexy og svikefulle. I hissige «Try so hard to be good» går det galt til og med for de som prøver å holde seg på den rene sti:
She tries so hard to be good / But she always turns out bad

Dette er dama som kan sparke deg ned i den ugjengjeldte erotikkens flammehav. Henne hete lepper er lagd for å kysse. Men hun kysser naturligvis alle andre menn enn deg, den svikefulle dama. Kjenner vi henne igjen? Femme fatale. Arketypen fra hundrevis av filmer og tusenvis av kriminalromaner.

DRAMATIKK: Etter det forrige albumet «The ballad of Nora Lee» (2005) har Helldorado gått fra å være kvartett til å bli trio. Noe som ikke merkes på lydbildet: «Sinful soul» er rikelig utstyrt. Foruten basisinstrumentene bass, gitar og trommer er her også innslag av strykere og blåsere samt diverse andre instrumenter; fløyter, piano, zither og bouzouki.

Men det er særlig blåserne og strykerne som bidrar til å gi «Sinful soul» karakter og farge. «The happiest day» - en dramatisk ballade i beste Nick Cave-stil - løftes ytterligere med den bevisste bruken av strykere på refrenget. Og «Cross-dressing truck driver» er en helvetes-galopperende truck-historie som løftes opp til maksimal turtall av de heftige blåserne. Denne er også iblandet en smule mørk og eksplosiv Doors-estetikk. Og her befinner vi oss i hykleriets kromfargede høyborg:
He's a heavy drinkin' church cruiser / bible reading child abuser

Andre ganger aner man at komponistene henter inspirasjon fra den store folkballadetradisjonen på de britiske øyer. Teksten på «And the Ravens did croak» ligger solid innenfor denne både tematisk og fortellermessig. Fortellingen om unge Willy som rir ut denne mørke høstdagen for å oppsøke sin kjære, er klassisk på alle vis. Og også her er smerten, kjærligheten og døden godt representert.

Og «Ten little demons» er en artig gjenbruk av temaet i Agatha Christies klassiske kriminalroman «Ten little niggers» - på norsk «Ti små negerbarn». Stilig lek.

POTENSIAL: Helldorado har ennå til gode å få høye plasseringer på de norske salgslistene. Det er en smule underlig. Helldorado har i alle fall de musikalske kvalitetene som skal til - og bandet har låter med tydelig radiopotensial. Man kan bare håpe at bandet skal få samme fotfeste i hjemlandet Norge som i Tyrkia, hvor det turnerer hyppig og har rockstjernestatus.

Samtidig skal det ikke underslås at de12 låtene fordrer en viss interesse for og innsikt i amerikansk populærkultur samt for de mørke og syndefulle sidene av livet. Men kan tyrkerne, så kan også vi.

Beste spor: «The happiest day», «Steal away», «Cross-dressing truck driver», «Gypsy fair» og «Damn you girl».

Sinful Soul out now

Helldorado released their great new album «Sinful Soul» Monday 9. May. Hard copies are available in Scandinavia through Bonnier Amigo Music (distributor) and mailorder at

The album is also available on Helldorado, Spotify and other digital music providers.

Great reviews in Avisa Nordland (6/6), Fædrelandsvennen (6/6), Nordlys (5/6), Stavanger Aftenblad (5/6).
We´ll keep you posted on more news, reviews etc

New Helldorado single!

A MP3 version of "Ten Little Demons" from Helldorado´s new album has been added to the jukebox on the "CCAP ABOUT" page. Have a listen and let us know if you like it! The tracks is being sent out to radio and blogs this week. The track will also be available through iTunes, Spotify etc soon

”Ten Little Demons” is the first single from Helldorado´s forthcoming album ”Sinful Soul” (CCAP085). The album will be released throughout Scandinavia in May 2009, parallel with international digital release. Physical release in the rest of Europe in the fall supported by a European tour.

Helldorado has been described as “the sensation of a burning sun on your neck, crunched sand between your teeth, a salty taste on your lips, a shaky finger on the trigger of a Colt 45, circling vultures silhouetted against a blue-white sky, a double whiskey on an empty stomach, and the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather & sweat”.

Any further attempt to define Helldorado would reveal that they are firmly entrenched in the rock-punk-surf-folk-americana-country tradition, with Tarantino and Morricone hiding in the wings... They succeed in combining elements of their favourite American & European music traditions and subcultures, and still manage to sound unmistakably like Helldorado.

Lost Highway (minialbum) - 2002
Directors Cut - 2004
The Ballad Of Nora Lee – 2005
Sinful Soul – 2009

Helldorado was formed in the spring of 2001 in Stavanger, Norway. Most of the members had been playing in the local band The Tramps for several years, and had considerable live and studio experience with that band. They where looking for a much darker and broader musical landscape than they could find in The Tramps, and got together playing punked up surf covers with their new band Helldorado. After a while the band and their sound started to develop. They started adding their own songs to the set, and after a couple of gigs the rumours about the band was flying around town. In the fall of 2002 they entered the Stavanger traditional ZOOM week at legendary local rock club Checkpoint Charlie (a full week of local bands playing & battling for a spot at the ZOOM national finals in Oslo). Helldorado won the Stavanger leg, went to the final in Oslo and won there as well. The band was awarded a full Norwegian tour + a couple of gigs in the UK and Germany (Popkomm in Cologne).

In November 2002, shortly after winning the national ZOOM finale they released their first mini album Lost Highway at the local label CCAP.

The album received stunning reviews in the Norwegian music press (Dagbladet; “..six strong, minor tuned song”s, VG; “Dusty and dramatic”, Stavanger Aftenblad; “Helldorado is a mescaline cactus. The best Norwegian rockband today”, Rogalands Avis; “Americana to kill for”, Nordlys;” This is the best CD I have heard in a long, long time” etc) After they finished the extensive ZOOM tour, they spent considerable time in the studio in the summer of 2003. They developed a more aggressive, heavier and minor based edge. The fall was spent touring and perfecting their skills and their live sound In February 2004 Helldorado finally released their long awaited debut album Directors Cut in Scandinavia

"HELLDORADO - Director's Cut ”This is an aptly named album by this excellent Norwegian outfit - their echoey, gothic take on rock'n'roll drips atmosphere and attitude, and would be perfect soundtracking some Quentin Tarantino flick. Blood Shack's clattering tale of lust and vampirism sets the mood, and the other 11 tracks are filled with epic quantities of murder, deceit, guts, gore, hellfire and brimstone, all of it leavened with a dark, twisted sense of humour. There's also more than a hint of Nick Cave in Dag S Vagle's songs and voice, and in a fair and just world, Helldorado would find similar amounts of fawning press coverage and sales. Some chance." (The Belfast Telegraph)

After Directors Cuts release in Europe by Glitterhouse in October 2004, both critics and music lovers all over the continent are discovering the band.

Glitterhouse UK says this about the Directors Cut album: “Hellfire seems to be burning in each of their songs, be it the mighty, but balladesque tracks like "Diesel & Bones", the hard-rocking tracks like "Payrolled" or "Killer on the Highway" or the plain desert-rock anthems, such as the masterful "Blood Shack", there can be no doubt, Helldorado rocks! Apart from that, they are looking way cool (as if they just escaped the lunatics' asylum), and their live shows are legendary. Their musical roots are pretty clear: Gun Club, 16 Horsepower, Morricone, Chris Isaak and/or The Cramps, obviously without being copy cats of the aforementioned, they add something very specific to their music. It may be their ability to write fantastic tunes, hooklines that will make you shiver, and their ability to keep the quality of their songs, as diverse as they may be up on the highest level throughout the 11 tracks of "Director's Cut"”

The Ballad Of Nora Lee is the third release from the Norwegian quartet. The album shows a band that is still deeply fascinated and inspired by American music and subculture, combining elements from different genres but still managing to sound unmistakably like Helldorado. These guys are no copycats, they mean it man! They pick from the best and make it their own. Mighty ballads, stompin´rockers, desert-rock anthems, Mexican trumpets, spooky strings and rocking attitude, Helldorado´s got it all. Since their last album, Directors Cut, the band has taken a step closer to the Mexican border, but the band still evokes the sensation of a burning sun on your neck, crunched sand between your teeth, a salty taste on your lips, a shaky finger on the trigger of a Colt 45, circling vultures silhouetted against a blue-white sky, a double whiskey on an empty stomach, and the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather & sweat.

The Ballad Of Nora Lee also saw the band having a surprise hit in Turkey with the album track “The Drinking Song”. The track was playlisted by Radio Eksen and quickly attracted a lot of attention. Helldorado has done four sold out tours of Turkey, been covered extensively in Turkish media and gained a new level of popularity when an adapted version of Drinking Song became the official song of the Turkish National Football Team.

Helldorado is a fantastic live band and their gigs are legendary. Combine their abilities as a live band with their natural coolness and a bunch of rocking tunes that other bands would kill for, and you have a success in the making. So get into your 65 Chevy, a few bottles of Whiskey, grab some good looking, mini-skirts wearing girls and drive through the night, waiting for what will happen. The perfect soundtrack is already there!

Sinful Soul - new album out soon!

The new Helldorado album called Sinful Soul will be released in the end of April, and it is absolutely brilliant as usual. This is the first album recorded as a trio, all though they´ve had great help on the album by both a string quartet, horn section and backing vocals. The album was recorded at Bekk Studio and mastered by the great Barry Diament in New York.

Tracklisting: Steal Away, Your Sinful Soul, Try So Hard To Bee Good, The Happiest Day, Cross Dressing Truck Driver, Sixty Seven, And The Ravens Did Croak, Jump Baby Jump, Ten Little Demons, Gypsy Fair, Damn You Girl, Hellraising Outlaw.

A rough mix of Hellarising Outlaw is available on the POP08 compilation, the rest of the tracks are brand new.

Some of the track will be available on the internet before the release of the album. When and where will be announced later.

Happy New Year!

A quick update on what is going on with CCAP these days.

This spring we are releasing new albums by
Sebastian Waldejer (May), Helldorado (March) and Rub A Dubs (May/June)
Sebastian is working in the studio right now to finish the recordings for his debut album. Helldorado have finished the recordings for their fourth release. The album is being mastered by
Barry Diament. Rub A Dubs are also in the final stage of recording their new album.

Jackman have just releases a new movie, Jernanger, which have received great reviews and which contains some great music by Jackman himself. Jackman released a great EP followed by an equally great album on CCAP a couple of years back. Well worth checking out if your into surf/garagerock/gypsy/punk/funk/jazz (and who isnt?)

We are also applying for funding for a new
POP08 project (named "POP09" obviously)

We are also in the process of restructuring the label. We are planning to add two sub-labels each with their own speciality and we are adding a couple of great managers to the label to work these sub labels. We will tell you more as soon as we have decided on all the details...

Happy holidays!

We are taking a well deserved (?) holiday, the office will be closed from 23. December - 28. December

For 2009 we´ve got a couple of very interesting projects lined up:
New albums by
Great people, great music, what more can you ask for?!

If you are in Stavanger remember to check out Helldorado live at
Checkpoint Charlie 25th December and Christer Knutsen + Hovering Orville at Cementen 27th December, not to forget our old friend Micke From Sweden at Cementen 30th December

Happy Holidays everyone!

Helldorado fall dates in Turkey

Helldorado are back in Turkey for a fall tour.
There might be additional dates added in November. Check this space or the
Helldorado site for updates

We 1-10 TR Izmir - Ooze Venue
Th 2-10 TR Istanbul - Studio Live
Fr 3-10 TR Istanbul - Beyaz Show (TV talk show)
Sa 4-10 TR Ankara - Rock Station Festival
Fr 10-10 TR Istanbul - Bogazici University
Sa 11-10 TR Bursa - Suare

If you happen to be a Helldorado fan living in Turkey check out the latest editions of the following Magazines for interviews with the band:
-The Rolling Stone Magazine (Turkey)
-Star Gazetesi

There is also planned an interview with the
D Plus channel

The new Helldorado album is planned for release early 2009. "Hellraising Outlaw" of the album is now available on the
POP08 compilation

Fall 08 releases update

POP08 double cd / digital released 25. August 2008
STONEFISH BRIGADE cd / digital released 8. September 2008
THIRD AVENUE cd / digital released 8. September 2008
CHRISTER KNUTSEN single digital release 29. September 2008. Vinyl 7" in October
HOVERING ORVILLE cd / digital release date 6. October 2008
FLYING SHOES cd / digital release date 20. October 2008
HELLDORADO cd / digital release date January 2009

Helldorado to the semi-finals!

As you might now the official fan song for the Turkish National Football Team is a version of Helldorado´s "A Drinking Song". Turkey is playing the semi-finals against Germany tonight, and the interest for both the official football song, Helldorado´s original version and the band has been rising through the tournament. Today the Norwegian newspaper VG presented a "mash up" of the football video and Helldorado´s original video on their web TV. Earier Norwegian TV2 did a story on the case.

Our licensing partner in Germany,
Glitterhouse, reports that "Der Tagesspiegel" (one of the biggest German newspapers, from Berlin) wrote a lengthy feature about "A Drinking Song" and the Turkish team. SAT1 tv (one of the big four German tv-channels) showed excerpts from "A Drinking Song" and from the Turkish team's version in their "Breakfast Magazine" twice this morning.

Our record label in Turkey,
Artist Music, reports that the popularity of Helldorado is growing. The album was last week at number 1. on the Rock Music Chart in Turkey and number 18. on the international sales charts in Turkey. Numberone FM has put the track on heavy rotation and the song is currently #1 on their Top 40. The video is started playing on MTV Turkey.

Helldorado - Turkey update

"Ballad Of Nora Lee" was released in Turkey last month. So far major newspapers like Hurriyet, Sabah and Vatan have feautured it in their album review and news sections. Also, the major magazines like Blue Jean, Dream Dergi, Tempo, Hey Girl, Aktuel +18 have published it. Star TV (one of the most popular major national TV channels) and Dream TV (national music TV channel) used both the original video and the Ulker's football commercial (a version of Drinking Song with Turkish lyrics). ''A drinking Song'' video is now on rotation as ''Fresh'' on Number One TV (national music channel).

The album is sold on all major music stores like D&R, Megavizyon, Mephisto etc.
The album is currently at number 17 on the international sales chart in Turkey

Well done boys!

Helldorado´s "Drinking Song" now out on You Tube!

The "Drinking Song" video is finally out on You Tube! Watch it here

Helldorado in the European Football Championship

Turkey beat Norway out of the qualifier for the European Football Championship, but Norway is still represented in Switzerland / Austria this summer:

The Turkish company Ulker are sponsoring the Turkish National Football Team towards this summers European Championship.
They have chosen the Helldorado song “Drinking Song” for their campaign. The first leg of the campaign was released this week, and the response have been tremendous.

The 60 seconds video clip finds the Turkish National Football Team performing “Drinking Song” (with new football related lyrics). The commercial is now being shown on Turkish TV, and Helldorado and the Ulker commercial have also been featured on Turkish TV news. We are being told that this song is now more or less the official Turkish supporter anthem for the championship!

Helldorado have been receiving messages from Turkey on their
myspace, helldorado and facebook websites as well as on their cell phones (no, we are not giving out those numbers:-) the past days, so it seems a lot of the Turks understands where this songs comes from.

We are enjoying every bit of it, and hopefully this will help Helldorado to an even higher profile in Turkey.
Check out the Ulker Commercial on
You Tube
And Helldorado´s own video is right here


Helldorado have had great success in Turkey the past couple of years. They have had three sold-out tours in Turkey and their "Drinking Song" from "The Ballad Of Nora Lee" album has become something of an anthem on radio and in cafe´s and clubs. Now "The Ballad Of Nora Lee" has finally been released in Turkey through Artist Music & Management and the brand new video for "Drinking Song" is Video Of The Day at Dream TV. Check out the video on Dream TV right here

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