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Elise Vatsvaag - This Is Not My Artwork

ELISE VATSVAAG - «This Is Not My Artwork» - crowd sourcing!
As you might now, Elise Vatsvaag started a new project called «This Is Not My Music» this year. Through 2012 Elise will release eight FREE singles on her website On the 10th of every month a new single will be available for free download, streaming and sharing through her website. Every fourth single will be followed by an EP compilation of the same tracks released through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc

For the third single, «Neighborhood», Elise is reaching out to her fans to find a picture to use on the cover. This is her message to you (from her
Tumblr blog)

Dear fans! I would love to encourage you to be a part of a silly but meaningful competition in connection to the release of my next single. As you probably know, I am currently in the middle of releasing new music from the series «This Is Not My Music». So far, two singles have been released and on April 10th I’m releasing a THIRD single called «Neighborhood». «Neighborhood» is a song about childhood memories and nostalgia, and, most importantly, the fact that I came from the last couple of years in a generation where we didn’t have that many computer games around. I remember how we would always run around in the streets of our neighborhood, pretending to be princesses or warriors. We had no choice but to be creative, and we basically had to create our own fantasy world. I am so grateful for this time, and I treasure it with all my heart. Unfortunately, I feel like kids nowadays are becoming more addicted to computer games than ever.

So, the competition goes like this! Send me a photo of your best childhood memory. This can basically be anything, your favorite toy, your favorite street, your favorite park, your best childhood friend… whatever really, as long as it is meaningful. The best photo will be chosen as the official single cover for my song «Neighborhood» and you will also get my EP «This Is Not My Music #1» for FREE when it is released on June 10th.

You are probably wondering why I’m asking you to do this, like, Elise…wouldn’t it make more sense if you had your own best childhood memory as a cover? Well, no. Your support means the world to me, and I would love for any of you to be a part of this project.
Who’s with me?!

IF YOU ARE, email me your photo (and why it means something to you) at elisevatsvaag at, or upload a picture to my

Poor Edward - new single

First single from the new album!

Look To The Sky is the first single from the album Time Is Gonna Change You (release November 2011) by Poor Edward. The single is produced by Ashley Stubbert. In addition to the digital release the single is also available as limitied edition vinyl 7" including b-side Power Of The Gospel (by Ben Harper) on Bandcamp. Poor Edward is a duo consisting of Martin and Kristian Tungland Rinde; two brothers from Stavanger, Norway. Writing and performing their own songs, Poor Edward can be classified as a mixture of pop and rock with notable folk tendencies. Their trademark is a guitar and vocals sound, largely focused on lyrics and harmony. The music is melodious, sometimes melancholy, often understated and always authentic.
Poor Edward

POOR EDWARD single (mp3) by CCAP

New releases from The List and Sebastian Waldejer

New tracks available now!

The List and Sebastian Waldejer both have new releases out this week. Elise Vatsvaag and Pete Johansen is still going strong on NRK P1. Check out sample tracks on our soundcloud player. Click the «info» tab on each track for more information

CCAP new tracks June 2011 by CCAP

The new The List minialbum, «Come On, Twentyseven» is now available through Spotify, Wimp, Platekompaniet, CDON, Amazon etc. Sebastian Waldejer´s new single «We Never Geat Away Anymore» will be available digitally and on a lovey 7» vinyl including b-side «The Ocean Is Full Of Tears». The 7» is beautifully packet in a Stumptown Printers Arigato cover, design and handprint by Kjetil Brandsdal. Release next week.

Spelleman (Norwegian Grammy) nominee release

Spelleman (Norwegian Grammy) nominee release


Eric "Slim" Zahl & The South West Swingers are Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy) nominated for their debutalbum "Daddy ´O" in the Blues category. The album has so far only been available at the bands gigs, through their website and on some digital platforms. The album is now available in CD format through our distributor Cosmos Music Norway and in onlines hops, both physical and digital.

Blues is a narrow term in regards to what this band is all about. Dressed in neck ties, suspenders, and sneaky shoes, these guys are slammin´ every venue they appear at with their performance of cool rockin´blues with touches of jazz and thumpin´ rockabilly.

Eric "Slim" Zahl & South West Swingers - Daddy ´O (mp3) by CCAP

Sebastian Waldejer & Thomas Dybdahl in NYC

Sebastian Waldejer will be performing with Thomas Dybdahl and his fantastic band at the Canal Room in NYC Tuesday 1. March. Thomas Dybdahl recently signed a world wide deal with Larry Klein´s Strange Cargo label (Universal). Sebastian Waldjer is releasing a new 7» single, «We Never Get Away Anymore» featuring Thomas Dybdahl, Ådne Sæverud and Øyvind Jacobsen in March. A new album is expected in late summer 2011. This is the vinyl mix of the single (mp3 version):
Sebastian Waldejer - We Never Get Away Anymore (mp3) by CCAP

Sebastian Waldejer - Denmark release & tour


NORSK PRESENTASJON (scroll down for english bio)
SEBASTIAN WALDEJER - "RISE OF THE URBAN CHILD" Album release DK 27. September - distribusjon Cosmos Music Group
Sebastian Waldejer er en sanger og låtskriver fra Stavanger. Allerede I 2008 ble han utropt til “Årets Kunstner” I sin hjemby Stavanger, før han hadde gitt ut sitt debutalbum. Sebastian slapp to EP´er før han i 2009 ga ut sitt debutalbum “The Rise Of The Urban Child” som nå for første gang lanseres i Danmark. Albumet er produsert av Børge Fjordheim (Cloroform mm) og Ashley Stubbert (Pearl Jam, President of The USA mm). The Rise Of The Urban Child viser en ung artist i utvikling, men også en artist som er i ferd med å finne sitt eget uttrykk. Det er et stillferdig og vakkert album, som samtidig er komplekst og utfordrer lytteren. Albumet fikk god mottagelse i norsk presse, men er ikke lansert utenfor Norge før . Norsk presse sammenligner Sebastian Waldejer med artister som Prefab Sprout, John Cale, Radiohead og Stavanger kollega Thomas Dybdahl.
I 2010 ga også produsenten John Derek Bishop ut et album, "Collages", som er et remix / rework av Sebastian Waldejer´s debutalbum.
Sebastian har gjort en rekke konserter i både Norge og Europe. Det siste året har han også blitt et fast medlem av Thomas Dybdahl sitt band ”That Great October Sound” og har også ved flere anledninger spilt support for Thomas Dybdahl. Thomas Dybdahl skal også produsere Sebastian Waldejer sitt nye album
«One of my top ten scandinavian acts» - Thomas Dybdahl i et intervju til Q-Magazine, vinter 2009
23.09.2010 - Skråen, Ålborg, DK
24.09.2010 - Gjethuset, Fredriksværk, DK
25.09.2010 - Gimle, Roskilde, DK
26.09.2010 - Bremen, København, DK
27.09.2010 - Magasinet, Odense, DK
29.09.2010 - Voxhall, Århus, DK
01.10.2010 - Tapperiet, Køge, DK
02.10.2010 - Fermaten, Herning, DK

Discography Porcelain Baby (CD EP – 2006) Touch Of Love (single – 2007) France (CD EP – 2008) Always In Love Or Hell (single – 2009) Rise Of The Urban Child (CD – 2009) John Derek Bishop Collages (Remix / rework of the Urban Child album) (digital 2010)
SEBASTIAN WALDEJER - "RISE OF THE URBAN CHILD" Album release DK 27. September - distribution Cosmos Music Group
Sebastian Waldejer is a singer & songwriter from Stavanger, Norway. After releasing two EP´s his debutalbum "Rise Of The Urban Child" was released to critical acclaim in Norway in 2009. The album is now being released in Denmark as Sebastian embarks on a tour of Denmark with Thomas Dybdahl, both doing support for Thomas as well as being a member of Thomas Dybdahl´s band.
The debutalbum was produced by Børge Fjordheim (Cloroform a.o.) and Ashley Stubbert (Pearl Jam a.o.)
Producer John Derek Bishop recently released a remix / rework of Sebastian´s debutalbum entitled "Collages"
Sebastian Waldejer has been compared to artists like Radiohead, Prefab Sprout and John Cale and have been touring both as a solo act, with his band and as a support act in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe. His next album will be co-produced by Thomas Dybdahl, release in the spring / summer of 2011

Sebastian Waldejer - promo by CCAP