The Sound Of Stavanger


These are some of the artists connected to CCAP, in alphabetical order:

Arlie Mucks (indiepop)
Atlars (hip hop)
B.O.M.B. (hip hop)
Brigade, The (Rock Noir)
Christer Knutsen (singer/songwriter, alt country/americana/pop/rock)
Cloroform (jazz, noise, funk & more)
Colors Turned Red, The (60´s & 67´s influenced classic pop music)
Deathbarrel (outlaw country)
Duncun Rufus (indiepop)
Eltervaag (rock / americana)
Flying Shoes (a tribute to the great outlaw country artists & tunes)
FordRekord (pop/rock in Norwegian)
Frode Johannessen (indiepop)
Geoff Berner (Can) (Klezmer music with a twist)
Helldorado (Rock Noir, surfrock, a hint of tarantino and morricone)
Hovering Orville (singer / songwriter / roots)
Jackman (singer/songwriter, world, jazz, funk, ounk & garage rock)
Jorunn Hodne (singer/songwriter, jazz influence pop and trip hop)
Kloster, Astrid (pop)
Lano Places (beautiful pop tunes with a hint of melancholy)
List, The (americana/rock)
Low Frequency In Stereo, The (drone/intsrumental/post-rock)
Mayflies (60´s and 70´s influenced pop/rock)
Micke From Sweden (Swe) (singer/songwriter, cabaret style)
Mile Markers, The (hard core - old school)
Modan Garu (retrofuturistic electronica/synth-pop)
Norwegian Fords, The (pop influenced by classic US West Coast)
Ottestad (singer/songwriter - pop)
Poor Edward (singer/songwriter - pop/americana)
Popface (shoegazer - art pop)
Preachermans Daughter (singer / songwriter duo, pop)
Reverend Doctor William Grace, The (country /rock)
Rogaland Teater Barne & Ungdomsavdeling (music for a Theater piece)
Rub A Dubs (reggae)
Waldejer, Sebastian (singer/songwriter - indiepop)
Skanksters (ska)
Stonefish Brigade (folk, country, roots)
Third Avenue (indiepop with a touch of psychedelia and melancholy)
Thomas Dybdahl (singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist)
Vatsvaag, Elise (singer/songwriter - indiepop)
Verdensrommet (new wave, norwegian lyrics)