The Sound Of Stavanger

CCAP is an independent record label situated in Stavanger, the European Capital Of Culture 2008, situated on the west coast of Norway. CCAP is primarily dedicated to working with emerging talents and established artists from the Stavanger area. We provide physical and digital distribution and promotion through Norway and Scandinavia as well as digital distribution worldwide.

We are always looking to extend our web based presence as well as establishing international representation and are exploring distribution, licensing, synchronization and promotion opportunities for the label, artists and music.


CCAP was founded in the fall of 1999 as a reaction to the total indifference shown by the Norwegian music business towards the local scene(s). The people behind CCAP have been running the independent live venue Checkpoint Charlie in Stavanger since 1987. Checkpoint Charlie has, since it's opening in 1987, been an important venue for local, national and international bands and is popular hang out for local musicians and music fans. Frustrated by the major labels' lack of interest for bands outside of Oslo, and inspired by the success of other Norwegian indie labels, like Tellé Records, Rec 90, Smalltown Supersound and Racing Junior, we decided to start our own label.

Ten short years later and the world of music and music business is a different place. Physical record sales have been dropping for years. The internet, p2p file sharing, mp3 players, mobile phones, digital distribution, streaming services etc have changed the way we produce, distribute and consume music, for better and for worse. At CCAP we are changing our business model accordingly and we are now less of a music production company and more of a service provider.

The city of Stavanger and the local music scene has also been through some changes lately. A few years ago we had the talents and the clubs, but lacked most of the music business infrastructure. Now we luckily still have lots of talents and more live clubs than before, but also record labels, managements, studios, agencies, festivals etc. To find out more about the local scene, check out the STAR site.

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