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Elise Vatsvaag - This Is Not My Music #5

ELISE VATSVAAG - «Already Gone» - Free download!

«Already Gone» is the fifth installment in Elise Vatsvaag´s ongoing project «This Is Not My Music».
Through 2012 Elise will release eight FREE singles on her website On the 10th of every month a new single will be available for free download, streaming and sharing through her website. Every fourth single will be followed by a EP compilation of the same tracks released through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.

Download the track for free at or from this Soundcloud player:

Elise talks about the new single:
Already Gone was written along with my friend Paul F. Johannessen in New York City about a year ago. The truth is I've had my ups and downs with this song. The lyrics are describing some of the inside struggles I was having right after moving to New York. I was alone and somewhat confused. It is true what they say - a big city can indeed make you feel very small. I was having some difficulties as far as relating to the city, and I was also having doubts about my music. I needed to figure out a way to approach this whole new situation, and it wasn't going too well. At least not while I was writing this song. I wrote all the verses in New York, and I went home without a chorus. Even though I eventually figured out a solution to my problems and was feeling very much at ease, the song was still a dark piece at this point.
I wrote a new chorus in the studio with Ashley a few months later (the producer), and we recorded a new demo of it. Suddenly there was a shred of hope. The chorus added exactly what the song needed - light, hope, positivity, energy and guts. The darkness and the light went perfectly together. I wanted to record it, and I wanted to share it. So here it is. To you from my bare hands.

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From The Vault: Lano Places

ENGLISH: Some years ago, five Norwegian students from Stavanger decided to form a pop-rock band and “Lano Places” was born. “Everyone likes to be lonely” was their debut album , released in the spring of 2001. First single off the album, "Isolation Street", became a surprise radiohit the same year. Lano Places followed up with the "Walk Again" album the next year before the band quit. A new "b-sides and rarities" collection will be released in the fall of 2011.

NORSK: Fem unge menn fra hhv Stavanger og Ålesund fant hverandre under studier i Bergen i 1997 og Lano Places oppsto. I 2001 debuterte de med det kritkerroste albumet "Everyone Likes To Be Lonely" og radiohitten "Isolation Street". Året etter fulgte de opp med albumet "Walk Again" før de la inn årene. 10 år etter debuten slipper Lano Places nå "Besides", en samling låter som ble innspilt i perioden 1998-2002, men som ikke er utgitt tidligere.

LANO PLACES - singles by CCAP

Reasons to visit Stavanger this fall

If you´re living in Stavanger, dont go anywhere this fall. If you´re not in Stavanger, please come visit.
Here´s a few reasons why:
Xplosif Hip Hop Festival 26. - 28. August. M.O.P., Masta Ace, Lidoliodo, RA The Rugged Man, Afeeliated + many more
RxR festival 2. - 4. September. Brand new festival presenting Ozzy Osburne, Band Of Horses, Kvelertak, Thomas Dybdahl, Oh No Ono, Skambankt, The Prodigy and many more
Nordic Music Week 15. - 17. September. «The main goal of NMW is still to stimulate discourse and create a great opportunity for people concerned with multiple aspects of the creation and distribution of great music to meet peers, discuss in depth, be inspired and build relations»
NuMusic Festival 8. - 18. September. Steve Reich, Lee Scratch Perry, Grandmaster Flash, Neu, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and many more
NuArt Festival September Nuart is an annual international contemporary art festival established in 2001. The program this year features among others Blu (it), Vhils (p), Roa (be), Dolk (no), Evol (de), Dotmaster (uk)
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