The Sound Of Stavanger

Everywhere in Scandinavia, and the Key to Bruno, Saskatchewan

The latest newsletter from Geoff Berner:

Dear Everybody,
First of all, I want to alert you to the fact that now it's finally time to hit Scandinavia with the new album.  It's out on the Checkpoint Charlie Audio Productions label on April 1st, no joke!

I'm coming your way if you live in Scandinavia.  Oslo! Helsinki! Stockholm! Göteborg! Copenhagen! Aarhus! and much, much more, dammit.  If I'm not coming TO your town, I'm going to be somewhere awfully NEAR it, at least by Canadian standards.  Look below to see.

The Canadian tour's all wrapped up, and I'd like to thank you all for coming.  Had a lot of sold-out shows, went to a lot of fascinating places, and saw my whole country, except for the North.

I love playing the major cities, but sometimes the most interesting shows are those small town shows we plug in for the early part of the week.  That's where you go off the beaten track a little bit.

On the last leg of the tour, a big highlight was our visit to Bruno, Saskatchewan, population 571.  Bob Wiseman booked the show, and drove us there from Winnipeg.  His GPS device told us to take a turn off the highway onto a road that didn't exist.  We eventually found an icey dirt track that took us into town, across beautiful white open prairie.

The show was put on by Tyler at "All Citizens".  Tyler is a hip (and more importantly, very nice) artist from Vancouver, who somehow found his way to rural Saskatchewan, and realized that it was where he really belonged.  Sort of a "Lawrence of Saskatchewan" story.  He sells clever, cool art on consignment, to the bemusement of most Bruno-ites.  But he seems very comfortable and well-integrated there, having furnished much of his place from the closing of the town convent, when the Last Nun (a pal of Tyler's) retired.

Before the entertainment began, the Deputy Mayor of Bruno gave a short speech, thanking Bob and I for making the effort to come to Bruno, and presenting us with the Key to the Town.  It's an actual key, hand-crafted from wood, with our names on it.  Follow
this link to see a photo by of us receiving it:

Bob and I have agreed to share custody of the key on a semi-annual basis.  It's my understanding that, legally speaking, having the key to a city or town means that you can go in any door within the town limits, locked or not.  So Bob and I both realized that it would probably be wrong for one man to wield so much power all year long.

So if you see me in Scandinavia, and I look all puffed-up and full of myself, that is why.

The tour dates are below.

Take care, and enjoy the Spring!



April 2 - Stavanger, Norway - Cementen
April 3 - Voss - Vossajazz Festival
April 5 - Bergen - Logen
April 6 - Kristiansand - Charile's
April 8 - Trondheim - Blaest
April 9 - Oslo - Live Performance on NRK National Radio, the Harald Are Lund Show, 19:00
April 9 - Oslo - Sound of Mu, with Lasso, 21:00 Advance Tickets may be purchased at Sound of Mu.
April 15 - Helsinki, Finland (11 am) Live performance on Radio Helsinki
April 15 - Helsinki, Finland - Bar Loose, with Mäkkelä
April 16 - Tampere, Finland - Kulttuurikahvila Hertta, with Mäkkelä
April 17 - Sein joki, Finland - Rokkikellari, with Mäkkelä
April 18 - Stockholm, Sweden - KGB
April 20 - Göteborg, Sweden - Mitt Andra Hem, Andra Långgatan 29
April 22 - Malmö, Sweden - Bodoni
April 24 - Aalborg, Denmark - 1000fryd, with Dusty Awe
April 25 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Selina Bar, with Dusty Awe
April 26 - Odense, Dendmark - Studenterhus (EARLY AFTERNOON SHOW!!!  16:30!)
May 1 - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, with Jinx Lennon