The Sound Of Stavanger

Los Angeles

The Norwegian Fords in LA


The Norwegian Fords are bringing their smooth west coast sound to the west coast, of USA that is: the World Wide Radio Summit in Los Angeles
They´ll be showcasing at S.I.R. Studios Hollywood Friday April 27th and Saturday 28th April.
The duo of Erik Enzo (vocals, keys) and Paul Call (guitar), better known to their many fans as The Norwegian Fords, produce music best described as catchy and slightly sophisticated pop, accompanied by quirky lyrics. The duo's biggest influences are bands such as Pages, Steely Dan, Airplay and California retro-pop from the late '70s and early '80s. The Norwegian Fords have released two albums, both mixed by Grammy-winner Bill Schnee. Their eponymous debut included the song "Hop-Up-Pop," which was featured in the Warners-licensed college movie The Utopian Society starring Malin Akerman. Also on the album was the song "I Can't Say I Love You," featured on Warner Music France' compilation California Groove lll (2011) alongside artists such as Bette Midler, Bonnie Raitt, Randy Crawford, Al Jarreau and David Foster. Their second studio album, Somewhere down the Road You'll Listen, includes the radio favorite "Surfing on the Sun," which gained a lot of national airplay on the main broadcaster in Norway, NR, and wouldn't have been out of place on many Steely Dan albums. The Norwegian Fords are looking for licensing/sync-opportunities, airplay and management/booking agents to get to the next level in the US.
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