The Sound Of Stavanger

Jul 2008

Third Avenue video on You Tube

While we´re waiting for the debut album by the brilliant, melancholic but not depressing, pop band Third Avenue please enjoy their brand new video "Ten To Fastlane" on YouTube
Please visit Third Avenue´s
MySpace site while your at it

Third Avenue is Svein Kersbergen, Øystein Grønnevik, Rolf Thore Eilertsen and Bernt Yngve Kvam. Svein has been making records with Sleepyard since 1999. Wanting to make the pop/rock album "Hot Radio", Svein and Øystein took the project and called it Third Avenue. This because it didn..t sound like Sleepyard, but a new sound, The Third Sound:-) The brothers Svein and Oliver have been working together, writing songs and recording for a long time. They still write stuff together, but now working on different projects (Third Avenue, Sleepyard and other future lines). Thank you Ollie for writing good lyrics etc., and beeing there to listen to all going on around Third Avenue! Third Avenue has now recorded and mastered their first album, The Grand Turn. The album is released on the 12th of September. A single (the extra mile) is out in July. "Ten To Fastlane", made by Tom Montgomery, is released as a video in July.

New video on You Tube!

In May we released the debut album from The Norwegian Fords. The first single of the album is called "Hop-Up-Pop". The song has previously been featured in the Warner licensed movie "The Utopian Society". The brand new "Hop-Up-Pop" video is now out on You Tube. Any fans of classic west coast pop music must check out the Norwegian Fords. The cd is currently available in both physical and digital formats at Musiconline, as well as iTunes and other digital shops.