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Mar 2012

Elise Vatsvaag - This Is Not My Artwork

ELISE VATSVAAG - «This Is Not My Artwork» - crowd sourcing!
As you might now, Elise Vatsvaag started a new project called «This Is Not My Music» this year. Through 2012 Elise will release eight FREE singles on her website On the 10th of every month a new single will be available for free download, streaming and sharing through her website. Every fourth single will be followed by an EP compilation of the same tracks released through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc

For the third single, «Neighborhood», Elise is reaching out to her fans to find a picture to use on the cover. This is her message to you (from her
Tumblr blog)

Dear fans! I would love to encourage you to be a part of a silly but meaningful competition in connection to the release of my next single. As you probably know, I am currently in the middle of releasing new music from the series «This Is Not My Music». So far, two singles have been released and on April 10th I’m releasing a THIRD single called «Neighborhood». «Neighborhood» is a song about childhood memories and nostalgia, and, most importantly, the fact that I came from the last couple of years in a generation where we didn’t have that many computer games around. I remember how we would always run around in the streets of our neighborhood, pretending to be princesses or warriors. We had no choice but to be creative, and we basically had to create our own fantasy world. I am so grateful for this time, and I treasure it with all my heart. Unfortunately, I feel like kids nowadays are becoming more addicted to computer games than ever.

So, the competition goes like this! Send me a photo of your best childhood memory. This can basically be anything, your favorite toy, your favorite street, your favorite park, your best childhood friend… whatever really, as long as it is meaningful. The best photo will be chosen as the official single cover for my song «Neighborhood» and you will also get my EP «This Is Not My Music #1» for FREE when it is released on June 10th.

You are probably wondering why I’m asking you to do this, like, Elise…wouldn’t it make more sense if you had your own best childhood memory as a cover? Well, no. Your support means the world to me, and I would love for any of you to be a part of this project.
Who’s with me?!

IF YOU ARE, email me your photo (and why it means something to you) at elisevatsvaag at, or upload a picture to my

Elise Vatsvaag - This Is Not My Music #2


«Vena Amoris» is the second installment of Elise Vatsvaag´s «This Is Not My Music» project. Through 2012 Elise will release eight FREE singles on her website On the 10th of every month a new single will be available for free download, streaming and sharing through her website. Every fourth single will be followed by a EP compilation of the same tracks released through iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc

Get «Vena Amoris» and check out her new video on her
website. Feel free to download, share and embed «Vena Amoris». Extra points for using #thisisnotmymusic on Twitter!

The day after releasing the first single «Safe Play» on her website, Elise was made «Artist of the Week» by the biggest talent-scout radio show in Norway, NRK Urørt, confessing the following: «
With well appropriated melodic hooks, a charming voice and a solid production, Elise Vatsvaag is one of the most exciting new pop artists Urørt has heard in a long time

«Safe Play» is currently playlisted on the brilliant Danish radio channel
DR6 Beat. Check out their internet radio (choose DR6 Beat from the channel list)

Make sure to check out her 2011 single «Ooh La La». The single is also available at iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Amazon etc

Frode Johannessen solo debut

Friday 16. March 2012 Frode is releasing his second solo album “Ein liden tegning», his first album with Norwegian lyrics. Frode Johannessen is an Norwegian “dreampop” artist based in Stavanger. His music draws influence from the shoegazing, indiepop, art rock genre. Frode has been a part of the local music scene since his debut in 1995, writing and performing with the band Popface. For the last couple of years Frode has been writing, performing and releasing music as a solo artist on his own label, Saturn 63. The album was recorded in Frodes house, and mixed and mastered by Bjørn Erik Sørensen at Artbeat studios during a period of 3 years. Frodes guitarbased music is influenced by artists such as Dinosaur jr, My Bloody Valentine, Hüsker Dü, Explotions In The Sky, Pavement, Swervedriver, Mogwai, Yo La Tengo, Hammock, Cocteou Twins and Velvet Crush

Releaseparty will be held at Martinique in Stavanger, Saturday 24. mars 2012.

The first single off the album is a radio edit of «Spol Tebage»


Frode Johannesen
2008 – Beautiful Memories Last Your Whole Life Long
2012 – Ein liden tegning

1995 – Buck – CD -(McGuire Records)
1998 – Almost Endless – CD – (No Guitar Star)
2001 – Calling Back / Falling Back – 7" (CCAP)
2001 – Calling Back / Falling Back – CDEP (Trust Me Records)
2002 – Michele, I Love You – CD (Trust Me Records)
2005 – In The Night – promo cd single (CCAP)
2006 – Eleven Pieces Of A Broken Heart – CD (CCAP)

Popface on Spotify

The Norwegian Fords in LA


The Norwegian Fords are bringing their smooth west coast sound to the west coast, of USA that is: the World Wide Radio Summit in Los Angeles
They´ll be showcasing at S.I.R. Studios Hollywood Friday April 27th and Saturday 28th April.
The duo of Erik Enzo (vocals, keys) and Paul Call (guitar), better known to their many fans as The Norwegian Fords, produce music best described as catchy and slightly sophisticated pop, accompanied by quirky lyrics. The duo's biggest influences are bands such as Pages, Steely Dan, Airplay and California retro-pop from the late '70s and early '80s. The Norwegian Fords have released two albums, both mixed by Grammy-winner Bill Schnee. Their eponymous debut included the song "Hop-Up-Pop," which was featured in the Warners-licensed college movie The Utopian Society starring Malin Akerman. Also on the album was the song "I Can't Say I Love You," featured on Warner Music France' compilation California Groove lll (2011) alongside artists such as Bette Midler, Bonnie Raitt, Randy Crawford, Al Jarreau and David Foster. Their second studio album, Somewhere down the Road You'll Listen, includes the radio favorite "Surfing on the Sun," which gained a lot of national airplay on the main broadcaster in Norway, NR, and wouldn't have been out of place on many Steely Dan albums. The Norwegian Fords are looking for licensing/sync-opportunities, airplay and management/booking agents to get to the next level in the US.
The Norwegian Fords on Spotify