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Sebastian Waldejer & Thomas Dybdahl in NYC

Sebastian Waldejer will be performing with Thomas Dybdahl and his fantastic band at the Canal Room in NYC Tuesday 1. March. Thomas Dybdahl recently signed a world wide deal with Larry Klein´s Strange Cargo label (Universal). Sebastian Waldjer is releasing a new 7» single, «We Never Get Away Anymore» featuring Thomas Dybdahl, Ådne Sæverud and Øyvind Jacobsen in March. A new album is expected in late summer 2011. This is the vinyl mix of the single (mp3 version):
Sebastian Waldejer - We Never Get Away Anymore (mp3) by CCAP

Thomas Dybdahl newsletter Feb 2010

Newsletter from Thomas Dybdahl

Hey all,

Hope this little entry finds you all well, just enjoying the lovely smells and sounds that follow the torrential rainfalls in Singapore during the rainy season. I am here, just writing, relaxing and preparing for what seems to become a pretty hectic year.

As soon as I get back home to Stavanger, in Norway, I will start mixing my next record with co-producer Morten J. Olsen and mixer Joergen Traen. The record is my fifth studio album and follows 'Science', which was released in sep 06. It seems like such a short time ago, but almost 4 years in this crazy business is a long time and I am really excited to see what happens when we release it.

Do people love it/hate it, do they think it's different, how much have things changed in regards to the way you reach out to your fans and people that might dig your stuff? The record is definitely different from what I've done before, but it's not a conscious choice or anything, it just reflects what kind of things I have been listening to and been into lately. But long before that record comes out, I hope to go on the road more in Europe and the Uk (I know, technically Uk is part of Europe, but when I speak to British people they always seem to make this distinction clear...Island people are crazy:)

Also, we will try to keep you as updated as possible and at this moment I am talking to my long time friend and film maker Rune Hagerup about documenting most of 2010 as there are a lot of things that could be interesting to get on video. Things could go to hell, things can go never know.

That's it for now, pop back in to see the final mix sessions for the new album last week of feb, we will be putting snippets out almost every day,


Thomas Dybdahl compilation

Thomas Dybdahl´s first compilation called «En Samling» was released in Norway this week. 16 career spanning tracks, many of which was first featured on the CCAP releases «that great October sound», «Stray Dogs» and «one day you´ll dance for me, New York City», later compiled in the «October Trilogy» box set.

Thomas Dybdahl contest

Universal Music Norway are hosting a contest where you can win concert tickets.

Thomas Dybdahl in The Sun

Under the headline «Thomas Dybdahl's a class A Part», Thomas Dybdahl and his new single B A Part is presented in UK´s The Sun

Thomas Dybdahl Playlist in Q Magazine

Thomas Dybdahl presents his Top 10 Scandinavian Playlist in Q Magazine. CCAP label mate Sebastian Waldejer is on the list, along with Jose Gonzales, Thom Hell, BigBang and more

Thomas Dybdahl Unearthed showcase

Music Week has scooped the services of one of Norway’s biggest talents to headline the next Unearthed showcase at the Queen Of Hoxton in east London on Monday, July 20 Read the rest of the story in Music Week

Thomas Dybdahl newsletter July

Hey folks,

this summer’s a hot one, for sure. Our today’s issue Thomas Dybdahl newsletter will include some refreshments:

1. B A Part EP released today
2. Concert in Copenhagen almost sold out
3. More live shows: Latitude festival, Unearthed and more
4. Thomas and his giraffe
5. John Wayne live video
6. Twitter address change
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

// 1. B A Part EP released today
Attentive readers might have in mind that Thomas Dybdahl is about to conquer the UK with his music. Starting today, you can download his first UK release, the B A Part EP, including something that has been a dear request from the fans – a live recording.
You can download the digital EP at Amazon or at almost any online music store including iTunes (Norway/Denmark excluded), Musicload, Rhapsody, 7 Digital and Play.

// 2. Concert in Copenhagen almost sold out
While you download the EP, you should know that if you were planning to see Thomas Dybdahl live at Copenhagen’s new Koncerthuset on Sept 14th (accompanied by the Danish radio orchestra) you really need to hurry. Almost all of the tickets have already been sold yet. You can yours at

// 3. More live shows: Latitude festival, Unearthed and more
Chances are that those remaining tickets have finally been sold a few minutes after this newsletter arrived. Don’t worry, this is not your last chance to see Thomas somewhere across Europe this year. Mr. Dybdahl and his amazing band will play at Latitude festival near Suffolk on July 18th, and have been invited to Unearthed, presented by Music Week. Read the article here

For those who like it rather short, here is a neat list of all new confirmed concerts with Thomas Dybdahl:

18th July - Latitude Festival (Sunrise Arena)
20th July - Music Week Unearthed @ Queen of Hoxton, London
14th September – Koncerthuset, Copenhagen
17th September - The Pigalle Club, London
21st September - Café de la Danse, Paris
15th October - Shepherds Bush Empire, London (w/ Tina Dico)
26th October - Spring & Airbrake, Belfast (w/ Handsome Furs)
27th October - Academy, Dublin (w/ Handsome Furs)
28th October - Cyprus Avenue, Cork (w/ Handsome Furs)

// 4. Thomas and his giraffe
This heading might sound a little strange to you, but here you go:
A guy from Thomas Dybdahl’s current home town Stavanger, Ola Helland, has accepted a bet that he will be able to collect 1.000.000 hand-drawn giraffes until 2011. Anyone who wants can contribute to his collection, and there is no restriction in quantity, so you can well take your pens out and draw him 1.000 giraffes for a start.
Thomas has taken the chance to draw his own one. See it at and be sure to add up your own giraffes.

// 5. John Wayne live video
A little goodie from a recent concert has been put up for your viewing and listening pleasure. See and hear John Wayne recorded live at The Borderline, London from May 13th at the official Dybdahl YouTube channel

// 6. Twitter address change
You know, Thomas tries hard to accomplish modern digital life. For you all being able to still follow him, we need to let you know that Thomas changed his twitter address to . All other places have stayed the same.

Hope this summer’s getting a lot of you people out there to see Thomas and his band live on European stages. In all cases: spread the word!

All the best

Thomas Dybdahl Newsletter June

Hey there,

seems things are getting more serious – here is another issue of our newsletter. Our today’s update includes three imperatives:

1. Vote for Thomas on BBC Radio 6Music
2. See Thomas and his band live on Friday in London
3. Read Thomas on the web
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

// 1. Vote for Thomas on BBC Radio 6Music
You finally have the chance to promote Thomas Dybdahl all on your own – no need for tricky managers, booking agencies and bribe money (which has never been used anyway), you do it all by yourself.
Visit and go to the bottom of the page to vote for Thomas Dybdahl’s ‘B A Part’ to be played on the radio! Alternatively, you can write an e-mail to with the subject ‘Thomas Dybdahl’.
If Thomas wins, and surely he will with your supportiveness, he will get one play in each mainstream daytime show next week on BBC Radio 6Music. One vote is possible per e-mail address. I will not say that you should use as many e-mail addresses as you can possibly find to enter the voting. I think that would be against the rules.

//2. See Thomas and his band live on Friday in London
If you’re anywhere near London this Friday (06/26/2009), and be it only the right hemisphere, get yourself out to come to the official opening of The Garage. Thomas Dybdahl and his full band will be playing there to support Peter, Bjorn and John. The concert starts at 7:30 pm. See for buying tickets.

//3. Read Thomas on the web
Thomas finally got more intimate with modern communication tools, to say the least. He has finally started writing a blog and posts messages to Twitter. Have a look of what he has to say. Be invited to join his facebook page/group as well!
Here a summary of where you can find the guy:


Thomas Dybdahl blog

Thomas Dybdahl started a new blog:

Hail Brittania

So here I go, the least likely guy to ever blog is finally catching up with the times. Bear with me, these thing will hopefully only get better and better as I have no clue what I'm doing. The past weeks have been very exciting for me as I am finally getting ready to release my music and start touring the UK. Except for a few one off gigs in London I have never had the chance to play there and I have to say that if these last 8 gigs are anything to go by I have some great times ahead of me.

We started our summer tour in London at a packed Borderline where we were fortunate to have Nate Campany and Susanne Sundfør as support and what a great night it turned out to be. I was nervous as hell (as I tend to be) because this was the first gig we had played as a band in over 6 months. And to be honest, I could kind of tell, but there was something to be said about the energy that comes from that kind of resting period also. And on this night I think it played to our advantage. Thanks to everyone for showing up! We moved on to play The Great Escape festival in Brighton where we ended our 3 gig stay with a show at The Duke of York Picture House. What a great place to play a solo show, lovely acoustics and seated audience! Can't ask for more. The last week we have been lucky enough to fall in love with the English countryside, as been traveling crosscountry by rail. Newcastle, Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham and back to London. It's called dart booking I believe, but we had a really good time so all's good.

Back in London I played Bush Hall as support for The Duke and the King I was told. This is the night that ended in the infamous Cocoa Pops incident which I will tell you more about at some later point. I think I had fantastic evening. Bright and early next morning I headed for Kensaltown Studios where I worked with a guy called Andreas B. Olsson on a new version of an old song of mine for UK radio. Also managed to squeese in a photo shoot with photographer Derrick Santini on that day. A fantastic photographer and patient guy. (you have to be when you're working with the worst "poser" in the world). Been working hard on my "Blue Steele" ever since. For the time being I'm back in Stavanger in Norway just hanging with the family when I'm not in the studio working. I'm waiting to get my first movie soundtrack from mastering and then I head to Oslo to do the final soundmix on the film. I'll try to keep this blog fresh and updated as time goes by and if nothing exciting happens then I'll just make some shit up. No, seriously. Hope you all stay well,

all the best
Thomas Dybdahl

Road Fodder:
Book(s) brought - Underground by Haruki Murakami and Freakonomics by Stephen and Steven
Albums for the road - Histoir de Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourgh and Empty Words for Music with Piano by John Cage
Most memorable meal - BBQ..ed burgers at Al's place in Putney
Movies seen - Once and Spirited Away


Thomas Dybdahl UK Tour

Thomas Dybdahl is touring UK and still have a few gigs left in Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham and London before he comes home

«The venue was packed but you could almost hear a pin drop as bearded Thomas wooed all with consistently enchanting and profoundly beautiful songs such as the poignant Pale Green Eyes and elegant Something Real.»

Read the full review by James Carbooter i Daily Star

Thomas Dybdahl Newsletter May 2009

After quite a while, finally some news about Thomas Dybdahl.
This newsletter’s issue includes:

1. Best of album in August
2. New tour dates – UK and Norway
3. Thomas Dybdahl scoring ‘Rottenetter‘
4. Songbook to be released
5. Exclusive song ‘Shine‘
6. ‘Party like it’s 1929’ delayed
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

// 1. Best of album in August
After four critically acclaimed and diverse studio albums, Thomas Dybdahl is about to compile a selection of his best songs released to date to be put onto one single CD. The Best of album will be released in Europe and the UK August 2009. This album should especially introduce Thomas Dybdahl and his music to the UK audience.

// 2. New tour dates – UK and Norway
To accompany the release of the Best of album, Thomas Dybdahl and his band „The great October sound“ will be performing live on stage again both in the UK and Norway. They will be backed up by Susanne Sundfør in London. The Norwegian dates will have strings support from the Trondheimsolistene.

UK dates:
13.05.2009 - The Borderline, London, full band
14.05.2009 - Ocean Rooms, Brighton, full band
15.05.2009 - Red Roaster, Brighton, acoustic
15.05.2009 - Dike of Yorks Picturehouse, Brighton, acoustic
21.05.2009 - Evolution Festival, Newcastle, acoustic
23.05.2009 - Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol, acoustic
24.05.2009 - Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham, acoustic

Norway dates:
02.09.2009 - Olavshallen, Trondheim
03.09.2009 - Sentrum Scene, Oslo
04.09.2009 - Fjæreheia, Grimstad
05.09.2009 - Konserthuset, Stavanger
06.09.2009 - Griegsalen, Bergen

Be sure not to miss the opportunity to see Thomas and his band live this year!
Buy tickets by visiting

// 3. Thomas Dybdahl scoring ‘Rottenetter’
While no new album has been released since quite a while, Thomas Dybdahl has not stopped being creative. Already having written songs for soundtracks and scores of Norwegian films, Thomas now accepted the challenge to compose the complete score for the Norwegian movie ‘Rottenetter’, directed by Arild Østin Ommundsen. The film and the score (available on CD and as a digital download) will be released in August. Check out the trailer on Youtube:

// 4. Songbook to be released
You may already have come across the forums at our website and area that hosts several home-grown tabs and lyrics. The demand on tabs and lyrics has been that high that there will finally be an official songbook with lyrics, notes and chords/tabs for a selection of Thomas Dybdahl songs. The book will be available as a physical book and digital download in late 2009. We will get you updated as soon as there are more details to be announced. Keep your guitars and pianos ready!

// 5. Exclusive song ‘Shine’
Together with various other Norwegian artists, Thomas Dybdahl contributed to a CD project called ‘Ta den ring’ (‘Take the ring’) in order to support research in cancer studies. With help from the vocalists of the Stavanger Vocalensemble, he recorded ‘Shine’ which exclusively appears on this CD. Listen to a snippet of the song here:
If you are from Norway you can buy the CD here:
. They’ll surely help you out if you want it shipped elsewhere.

// 6. ‘Party like it’s 1929’ delayed
You see how much is going on at the moment. Due to that, the release of the fifth studio album ‘Party like it’s 1929’ is going to be delayed to 2010. No exact date can be given at the moment, so be sure to visit the website or read our newsletters.
Thomas Dybdahl website

Thomas Dybdahl compilation

This fall Universal Norway is releasing a Thomas Dybdahl compilation including tracks from the October Trilogy albums released on CCAP ("that great October sound", "Stray Dogs" and "Now You´ll dance For Me, New York City") and the "Science" album released on Universal. Thomas will also tour Norway with Lars Horntveth & Trondheimsolistene. More information on Thomas Dybdahl´s website

Thomas Dybdahl live in London

A message from

First of all - thanks to all that came out and made
Thomas Dybdahl's London concert in September a great one.

Only one day to go.
Thomas Dybdahl and The Great October Sound has today gathered for the first time since august 2007 - rehearsing for the forthcoming concert at Dingwalls in Camden, London, UK.
Sadie Jemmett repeats as special guest.

Date: Thursday the 23rd of October.
Venue: Dingwalls, Camden Lock,
Doors: 1930

Hope to see you there!