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Helldorado - reviews and news

Helldorado - Bones In The Closet - reviews and news

The new Helldorado album is now out in Scandinavia and Europe (CD, Vinyl and digital) and the rest of the world (digital). We have been overwhelmed by the positive response on the album. We have collected a few of the reviews and stories written right here on

The album is available for streaming and download on iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Amazon and everywhere else you find good music. For the LP or CD version, check with you local record shop (distribution through Cargo among others) or visit
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A compilation of Helldorado tracks 2001 - 2013:

Helldorado - preorder vinyl

HELLDORADO - Bones In The Closet
Vinyl & digital release 7. December
7» vinyl with 3D cover (glasses included). Coverdesign and print by
Drid Machine
Preorder your copy at

Helldorado is back! Bones In The Closet / Lost Highway Motel is first release from the band since the Sinful Soul album in 2009. A new album will be released in the winter 2012 / 2013. The relase will be backed by a tour of both Norway and Europe. The new album is vintage Helldorado: It oozes of sorrow, sin, sex and pain, The band evokes the sensation of a burning sun on your neck, crunched sand between your teeth, a salty taste on your lips, a shaky finger on the trigger of a Colt 45, circling vultures silhouetted against a blue-white sky, a double whiskey on an empty stomach, and the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather & sweat.There is strong tradition of combining blues, country, rock and hardboiled crime. Murder, prison, crime, confession, remorse and punishment runs like a dark stream through the music of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Stan Ridgeway among others. Helldorado brings this tradition into the new century. Heldorado gives you the music, colours, smells and atmosphere usually connected with the image of southern USA and Mexico. As on their previous albums Helldorado presents filmatic music inspired by Morricone and Tarrantino, epic and dramatic murder ballads, Americana, and Rock Noir. Strings and a horn section is added to spice it up. Under the open sky, the wide and burning hot desert landscapes, Helldorados faithless characters burn holes in their souls.
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Grønn Te - debutalbum

HEFTIGE TING! («passionately appealing»)

NORWEGIAN (scroll down for english): "Heftige Ting" er på vei til deg. Den temmelig organiske gjengen i Grønn Tê gir nå ut sin første plate med akkurat dette navnet. Tekstene er på Stavangerdialekt og rytmene har sine røtter i reggae og vestnorsk folkemusikk. Her er banjo, akustiske gitarer, hornblåsing og fortellinger om ugler og tåkete myrer, kald brostein og heftige jenter. Værsågod og forsyn deg.

ENGLISH: "Heftige Ting" means something like "passionately appealing". These songs and rhythms are made to have that effect on you. "Grønn Tê" is a bunch of musicians from Stavanger, Norway. Together they made this music, using banjos, acoustic guitars, mighty trumpets and all kinds of assorted gadgets. The words are sung in the local tongue of their area and they tell stories of foggy swamps, owls hunting, cold and wet nights of apparition and the crossing of blue mountains. All this to rhythms based on reggae as played in the coastal regions of western Norway.

The album is available on streaming and download services now, and will be available as CD and VINYL through local stores (Stavanger area) and on Bandcamp this coming week.

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