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Chister Knutsen

Christer Knutsen tours Europe

Christer Knutsen will be touring as (solo) support for Sivert Høyem (Madrugada) this spring. Christer is also a member of Sivert Høyems band. Spring dates 2010:

7.apr, BE, Gent, Minnemeers
8.apr, D, Cologne, Luxor                                     9.apr, D, Hamburg, Uebel & Gafaehrlich      10.apr, D, Berlin, Luxor                            12.apr, D, Stuttgart, Universum            13.apr, D, Munich, 50to1        14.apr, NE, Amsterdam, Melkweg, Oude Zaal      15.apr, NE, Breda, Mezz                                        16.apr, BE, Brussels, Le Botanique                     18.apr, CH, Bern, Bierhûbeli                             19.apr, CH, Zurich, Abart Club                          21.apr, SWE, Stockholm, Nalen                                              22.apr, SWE, Gøteborg, Brew House                             23.apr, DEN, Copenhagen, Vega / Loppen  
Christer Knutsen has for years been active on the Norwegian music scene. As pianist in the band
Tumbleweed (nominated for the Norwegian Grammys 2003) and as guest a long list of other Norwegian bands and artists releases. Among them Thomas Dydahls "..that great October sound" He was discovered by FRODE Records A&R man, Frode Da Costa Lia, at a concert at the Øya festival 2004. Shortly after, recording deal in hand, Knutsen and the band Sacred Hearts went in the studio to record the debut album Would You Please Welcome. It was released January 2005 to the delight of critics and audiences alike. The first single, No Love #1&2, received heavy rotation on most of the major Norwegian radio stations and was among the top 5 most played music videos on Norwegian music television. The tour following the release was played in front of packed venues in the biggest cities of Norway. March 2006 saw the release of the second album entitled "Grand Hotel". As the debut, it received excellent reviews in most Norwegian press and was also noticed in some European press. Constant touring during the spring and a tight schedule at the summer festivals has resulted in a dedicated following and in excellent reviews. Knutsens musical roots are deeply planted in the American song-writing tradition and the music press was quick to place it in the Americana/Alt. Country category. CK, though, has constantly referred to his music as pure pop music, more in the lines of Big Star than Hank Williams. Sacred Hearts is the band that, live as well as on record, contributes to lift CKs music to yet another level. The band consists of Pål Hausken on drums, Magne Vestrum on bass and Lars Lundeval and Rune Helland on guitar. Magne Vestrum - bass. Lars Lundvall - guitar

Christer Knutsen on You Tube

Fall 08 releases update

POP08 double cd / digital released 25. August 2008
STONEFISH BRIGADE cd / digital released 8. September 2008
THIRD AVENUE cd / digital released 8. September 2008
CHRISTER KNUTSEN single digital release 29. September 2008. Vinyl 7" in October
HOVERING ORVILLE cd / digital release date 6. October 2008
FLYING SHOES cd / digital release date 20. October 2008
HELLDORADO cd / digital release date January 2009