The Sound Of Stavanger

Feb 2009

Vancouver, Prairies, Scandinavia, Pirates

Here´s the new letter from our Canadian friend Geoff Berner. His new album "Klezmer Mongrels" is out in Europe, it has just been released in Canada and will be released in Scandinavia though CCAP by the end of march. Geoff Berner will be performing at Cementen here in Stavanger 2. April to kick off his Scandinavian tour.

Dear Everybody,

The Eastern bit of the Canadian tour is over.  I am ready to play Vancouver and the West, and then go to Scandinavia in April.  I don't know if I'm ready for Belfast yet, but I have some time to get ready, and I am hopeful.

On Monday, I flew over 5000 km from St. John's Newfoundland  to the other coast of Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia.  Roughly the distance between Amsterdam and Kazakstan.  I told you Canada was big.

I did manage to keep my feet dry and avoid Tim Horton's (except once), and I was prevented from going insane by my dear friends and collaborators, Wayne Adams and Diona Davies.  I must say that I am very lucky indeed to have such warm and talented friends.  Also, we are really tight now, and if you're coming to the Vancouver show at the Biltmore, you will witness an absolutely smoking band, let me tell you.

We were also lucky with the turnout.  The quantity and quality of people who came out was astounding on this tour.  Especially in Toronto, which is particularly amazing.  Toronto is famous for its cold, stand-offish audiences.  Ours did a spontaneous conga line.  We thought we had stepped across a threshold into a New Dimension.  Shows in Montreal, Halifax, St. John's Nfld., and Peterborough also achieved chaotic madness velocity.  And there were no bad shows, either.

One of our favourite shows was one that was cancelled.

Like Cossacks, we fought our way through a classic Canadian blizzard, from Sackville to St. John, New Brunswick. We were determined to show the East Coasters that even though we come from the warm, wet west coast, where it never freezes but never ever completely dries out, in spite of that, we were hardy and tough enough to make the show happen.  The Show Must Go On, is the showbiz circus freak's motto, as you know.

Unfortunately, the folks at the Blue Olive felt that the size of the snowfall meant that The Show Must Be Postphoned Indefinitely.  This was understandable, but momentarily disappointing.  Still, it did make us feel hardy and tough that we'd out-weathered the New Brunswickers.

I knew just what to do.  I dialled up Leanne Laracey, and asked if we could come over and play at the Pirate's House on Clarendon Street instead.  And of course, being a Pirate's daughter, she agreed.

"Get the fuck in here, Berner, you fucker!" he shouted, when we ploughed into his driveway.   Jim Laracey--sailor, carpenter, music producer, maniac, a giant shaved-head teddy bear monster of a man.  "If I'd known you were coming over tonight, I wouldn't be half in the bag already, but I didn't, so I am!  Get the fuck in here!"  We obeyed, and admired the poster on his kitchen wall that announced, beside a picture of him shouting, "To the Staff: Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!"

Many people magically appeared, and danced the night away beside us in the living room.  No mics, no stage, just music and fun and rum in a cozy house under a large layer of snow.  

I don't really think we'll ever agree to play anywhere else in St. John but the Pirate's House from now on.

After the Vancouver show on Friday, I'll be hitting the prairies.  I'll miss my trio on this one.  But I will have the consolation of travelling with a person of True Genius. Bob Wiseman.

Ask anybody about him, and they'll tell you, "Bob Wiseman is a bloody genius!"  He's one of these people who really anger me for their annoying ability to play every single intrument on earth and make it sound musical and great.  He's also very funny, damn him.  He's been in several of the great Canadian bands of all time: HIdden Cameras, Blue Rodeo, and, my personal favourite, Sluttarded.  You miss him at your peril, people.

Assuming that I survive Edmonton Saturday Night, I then go home, play some Island shows, and then it's off to Scandinavia.

Dates are still plugging in for the Scandinavia tour, but I'll list what's confirmed so far.  If anyone knows of a Pirate House in Scandinavia or Ireland, I am open to suggestions.

Here are the dates

Friday, February 27th: Vancouver - Biltmore Cabaret, with Whip of the UFO opening, and Joey Only's Outlaw Band Closing. 
FULL TRIO SHOW!  We go on about 10 ish.

March 12 - Saskatoon - Lydia's
March 13 - Regina - The Exchange.
March 14 - Winnipeg, MB - Ellice Theatre, Doors 7:15 Show 8:00
Tickets $12 advance at Music Trader, Ticketmaster, and the West End.

March 16 - Bruno, SK - All Citizens

March 18 - Twin Butte, AB - The General Store
March 19 - Lethbridge AB - The Slice
March 20 - Calgary - The Ironwood
March 21 - Edmonton - The Artery. You better believe there will be booze at this show.
March 26 - Saltspring Island - Mahon Hall, with Ora Cogan
March 27 - Victoria, BC - Logan's, with Lily Fawn and her lullaby band.

More shows to come!

April 2 - Stavanger, Norway - Cementen

April 3 - Voss, Norway - Vossajazz Festival

April 5 - Bergen, Norway - Logen

April 6 - Kristiansand, Norway - Charlie's

April 8 - Trondheim - Blaest

April 9 - Live on National Norwegian Radio (NRK) The Harald Are Lund Show

April 9 - Oslo - Sound of Mu, with Lasso.  Limited tickets available at Sound of Mu

April 16 - Helsinki, Finland - TBA, with Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge (solo)

April 17 - Seinäjoki, Finland - Rokkikellari, with Mäkkelä's Trash Lounge (solo)

April 18 - Stockholm, Sweden - KGB

April 19 - Gothenberg, Sweden - TBA.

April 22 - Malmo, Sweden - Bodoni

April 24 - Aalborg, Denmark - 1000fryd, with Dusty Awe

April 25 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Selina Bar

April 26 - AFTERNOON SHOW: : Odense, Denmark - Studenterhus

April 30 - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

May 1 - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

CCAP at By:larm in Oslo

Yes we are of course traveling to By:larm in Oslo this week. We are looking forward to meet collegues, cheking out new bands and having a great time. If you want to hook up keep an eye up for Tom at the international lounge at the hotel. Stavanger will host an event at The Parliament House (Storinget) Friday nights with live music (The Low Frequency In Stereo, Sebastian Waldejer, Mordi and more), tapas, beer and lots of good people. Should be good fun.

Sinful Soul - new album out soon!

The new Helldorado album called Sinful Soul will be released in the end of April, and it is absolutely brilliant as usual. This is the first album recorded as a trio, all though they´ve had great help on the album by both a string quartet, horn section and backing vocals. The album was recorded at Bekk Studio and mastered by the great Barry Diament in New York.

Tracklisting: Steal Away, Your Sinful Soul, Try So Hard To Bee Good, The Happiest Day, Cross Dressing Truck Driver, Sixty Seven, And The Ravens Did Croak, Jump Baby Jump, Ten Little Demons, Gypsy Fair, Damn You Girl, Hellraising Outlaw.

A rough mix of Hellarising Outlaw is available on the POP08 compilation, the rest of the tracks are brand new.

Some of the track will be available on the internet before the release of the album. When and where will be announced later.


SPOTIFY is a new popular streaming service. We have signed a deal through Artspages and expect our catalogue to be available for your listening pleasure through Spotify soon. This is how Spotify presents themselves:

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a new way to enjoy music. Simply download and install, before you know it you’ll be singing along to the genre, artist or song of your choice. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want.

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Top 10 so far 2009 & overall

Some people find lists boring, some find them interesting and some find them amusing.
Here´s a few CCAP top 10 digital sales & streaming list (no physical sales included).

Some artists are not included on these lists due to the fact that CCAP don´t hold the digital rights. Among these are Thomas Dybdahl, Cloroform, Geoff Berner and Micke From Sweden.

Downloads and streaming through Napster, iMesh, iTunes,, MSN, Aspiro, RealNetworks, TDC Musik, You See & more. Downloads through Musiconline are not counted on these lists

Top 10 downloads overall

A Drinking Song - Helldorado
The Ballad Of Nora Lee – Helldorado
The Way It Will Always Be – Christer Knutsen & The Sacred Hearts
Don´t Get Me Started – Adele
Waiting Around To Die – Helldorado
Hard To Stay Alive – Attention Now!
Where I´m Home – The List
Slow, Slow, Slow – The List
Graceful – The List
Self Pity – The List

Top 10 Track Streams overall
Don´t Get Me Started - Adelse
Schiller´s Children (King Knut remix) – Modan Garu
A Drinking Song – Helldorado
The Ballad Of Nora Lee – Helldorado
Rock Your Soul – Helldorado
Waiting Around To Die – Helldorado
Just Like Fire – Helldorado
Schiller´s Children (King Knut remix)
The Black Winds – Helldorado
Celebrate Me – Mayflies

Top 10 Album Downloads overall
The Ballad Of Nora Lee - Helldorado
The Norwegian Fords – The Norwegian Fords
Eleven Pieces Of A Broke Heart – Popface
Shackels Undone – Stonefish Briagde
Foxhunting For The Future – Modan Garu
France – Sebastian Waldejer
The Grand Turn – Third Avenue
Silverlines – Hovering Orville
Flying Shoes – Flying Shoes
Schillers Children EP – Modan Garu

Top 10 Album Downloads 2009 (1. Jan – 17. Feb)
The Ballad Of Nora Lee - Helldorado
Shackles Undone – Stonefish Brigade
The Grand Turn – Third Avenue
France – Sebastian Waldejer
Nothing Left To Steal – Mayflies
Eleven Pieces Of A Broken Heart – Popface
Silverlines – Hovering Orville
Flying Shoes – Flying Shoes
Circus Noir – Mayflies
Shaven, Not Stirred - Skanksters

Top 10 Streams & Downloads 2009 (1. Jan – 17. Feb)
Don´t Get Me Started - Adele
Det Tusende Hjertet (utdrag) - Det Tusende Hjertet
Det Tusende Hjertet – Det Tusende Hjertet
Guitar Noir – Helldorado
Hold Back The Tears – Flying Shoes
Down To The Water – Helldorado
The Black Winds – Helldorado
Helltown – Helldorado
Just Like Fire – Helldorado
The Ballad Of Nora Lee – Helldorado