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Elise Vatsvaag - «This Is Not My Music EP #1»

ELISE VATSVAAG - «This Is Not My Music EP #1»

Elise Vatsvaag

Norwegian singer-songwriter Elise Vatsvaag has created her own original and captivating sound while rubbing sonic shoulders with the likes of Lykke Li, Veronica Maggio and Robyn. Elise’s collection of songs «This Is Not My Music» will be released throughout 2012, offering a glimpse of this young singer-songwriter’s burgeoning talents.

"This Is Not My Music #1" is a collection of the first four singles Elise released in 2012.

Elise Vatsvaag started her musical career at the age of 17. She received attention for a song she wrote with legendary songwriter James T. Slater in 2010, «Ooh La La», and the song playlisted on the biggest national radio in Norway for three months the following year. “This was a wonderful learning experience,” Elise recalls, “but it was when I spent five months in New York City last year (2011) that I started to move towards this new artistic direction.”

After returning from New York, Elise spent 4 months in the studio recording new material with producer Ashley Stubbert in her hometown of Stavanger. «This Is Not My Music», is a collection of 8 songs, which will all be released throughout 2012. A new song will be released on the 10th of every month on, all tracks will be available for a free download. Every fourth single is followed bu an EP collection of the singles, digitally available everywhere.

«This Is Not My Music» is a concept recognizing the fact that music will eventually go free. Free, however, is only part of the business model. By unshackling her music and giving it away for free, Elise is using one product to add value to other products. As many artists have proven before her; free music helps generate interest in concerts and merchandise, the more people talk about the music increases the bands profile in turn receiving more marketing and licensing possibilities. To be recognized in a fast growing digital market artists need to find smart ways to spread good, relevant songs in the most efficient way. «This Is Not My Music» is Elise's solution.

The first song from the collection, «Safe Play», was released February 10th. “Safe Play” is a delightfully catchy confession, delivered with Elise’s signature carefree shrug and a smile. The thrilling combination of conventional pop rock instrumentation accompanied by strings and a sprinkling of electronica gives Elise a fresh individual sound. The day after releasing the song on her home page, Elise was made «Artist of the Week» by the biggest talent-scout radio show in Norway, NRK Urørt, confessing the following: «With well appropriated melodic hooks, a charming voice and a solid production, Elise Vatsvaag is one of the most exciting new pop artists Urørt has heard in a long time.»

The second single, “Vena Amoris”, was released March 10th. “It’s been a while since I’ve posted some straight up female singer/songwriter stuff, so I’m excited to have stumbled upon a goodie last weekend in Elise Vatsvaag. Vatsvaag, out of Norway,  is releasing a new (free) song on the 10th of every month for her album, This Is Not My Music. I took a strong liking to her March single, “Vena Amoris (...) Vatsvaag has a youthful, precious voice” (

The third single, “Neighboorhood” was released April 10th. “Look at this pretty Norwegian lady singer, and listen to the equally pretty pop tune that she’s just made (...) a bright and cheerful song with a delightfully sunny disposition" ( Leading up to this particular release Elise ran a competition called «This Is Not My Art Work», asking people to send her a photo of their best childhood memory to her Facebook. In under two weeks she received more than 70 photos!

By:larm 2012

CCAP and Great Moments BY:LARM 2012 - OSLO

This week we are joining forces with our friends at Great Moments and Great Songs to represent our growing roster of both local up and coming talents and established acts at By:larm in Oslo
We are looking forward to checking out a lot of great live acts, meeting old friends (and making new friends), and hopefully doing some business while we´re at it. We will be participating in «Export Speed Meetings» hosted by By:larm on Friday, and we´re as always available for a cup of coffee / pint of beer and a chat to discuss mutual beneficiary opportunities. You´ll find our contact info at the By:larm delegate database (or just send us a mail at tom at

A few bands from Stavanger to check out at By:larm:

Friday 9:30 PM Victoria
Saturday 11:00 PM Herr Nilsen

Friday 8:30 PM Sub Scene
Saturday 11:00 John Dee

Friday 11:00 PM Revolver
Saturday 9:00 PM Rockefeller Annex

Saturday 10:00 PM Folketeateret

By:larm flyers. Please ignore the Soundcloud link on the flyer, use the player above

bylarm 2012 flyer-new_Page_2

bylarm 2012 flyer-new_Page_1

From The Vault: The Reverend Doctor William Grace

We recently rediscovered this little treasure from the CCAP vaults. A 7-track minialbum, the one and only release from the country / americana / rock band The Reverend Doctor William Grace, originally released in October 2002. The album has not been available since then. We´ll make the album available as digital release later this year, right now you can only get it through Musiconline. We hope you´ll enjoy these mp3 tracks.

The Reverend Doctor William Grace - Love and Marriage EP by CCAP

Vi gjenoppdaget nylig denne lille skatten fra vår katalog, det første (og siste) albumet til The Reverend Doctor William Grace. Albumet ble fort utsolgt og har knapt vært tilgjengelig i noen format de siste ni årene, noe vi håper å gjøre noe med ganske snart. Albumet er tilgjengelig digitalt gjennom Musikkonline og vil snart være ute i flere nettbutikker. I mellomtiden får du kose deg med disse MP3 sporene samt det opprinnelige presseskrivet som følger under:

"Vi oppdaget dette bandet under ZOOM 01 i Stavanger og ble straks forelsket i den rufsete americana / country stemningen i låtene. Nå har det gått ett år, guttene har sittet oppe mang en sen natt for å skrive og spille inn sin debutplate. Resulatet er et 7 – spors minialbum; ”Love & Marriage EP”.

Reverend Doctor William Grace er: Rolige Roald , Knut Jonas, Jan Erik , Rolv Christian og Gunnar Birkir Gunnarson

Reverend Doctor William Grace ble i utgangspunktet startet av Rolige Roald og Knut Jonas, to landsens menn fra enkle kår. Deres felles kjærlighet for musikk i alle former førte til stor inspirasjon, og i løpet av en uke i 2001 ble de første sangene til. I byen hadde de venner som mer enn gjerne ville være med, og etter en stund tok Reverend Doctor William Grace form med Rolige Roald på vokal og munnspill, Knut Jonas på kassegitar, Jan Erik på elektrisk gitar, Rolv Christian på elektrisk bassgitar og Gunnar Birkir Gunnarson på trommesett. Og han er fra Island.

Nå kommer bandets første EP, med tittelen ”Love &Marriage”. Det er en samling sanger som alle på et eller annet vis handler om nettopp det; kjærlighet eller ekteskap. Reverend Doctor William Grace er kanskje litt gammeldagse på akkurat det der, men så har de også vært ute en vinternatt før.

Er det Rock´n Roll?” Tjaaa...litt”, sier Gunnar. Er det Soul? ”Vel...en del”, sier Rolv Christian. Er det Country?”Ja, en hel masse”, sier Jan Erik.

Reverend Doctor William Grace tar det beste fra det meste av amerikansk musikk det siste hundreåret. Og med kjærlighet og store platesamlinger er grunnlaget lagt for de varmeste melodiene på denne siden av plateåret. Er det en himmelsk lapskaus? ”Ja”, sier Rolige Roald. ”Med mange røde biter”, sier Knut Jonas.

Reverend Doctor William Grace liker å sitte oppe om nettene. ”Da blir sangene best”, sier Rolige Roald. ”Når man er ekstra trøtt føler man ekstra mye”, sier Knut Jonas. ”Helt til man sovner, da”, sier Rolige Roald.

Alle sangene til Reverend Doctor William Grace er skrevet om natten, ihvertfall etter klokken 23, unntatt Mary Lou som ble skrevet litt utpå formiddagen. ”Jeg husker det”, sier Knut Jonas. ”Det var en onsdag”. ”Håper dere liker det”, sier Rolige Roald og Knut Jonas i kor."

Released by: CCAP
Release/catalogue number: CCAP021
Release date: Oct 7, 2002

New releases from The List and Sebastian Waldejer

New tracks available now!

The List and Sebastian Waldejer both have new releases out this week. Elise Vatsvaag and Pete Johansen is still going strong on NRK P1. Check out sample tracks on our soundcloud player. Click the «info» tab on each track for more information

CCAP new tracks June 2011 by CCAP

The new The List minialbum, «Come On, Twentyseven» is now available through Spotify, Wimp, Platekompaniet, CDON, Amazon etc. Sebastian Waldejer´s new single «We Never Geat Away Anymore» will be available digitally and on a lovey 7» vinyl including b-side «The Ocean Is Full Of Tears». The 7» is beautifully packet in a Stumptown Printers Arigato cover, design and handprint by Kjetil Brandsdal. Release next week.

New Releases February 2011


We are releasing two singles and one album 25. February.
Here´s a playlist with six new tracks for your listening pleasure
For more info on the artists / tracks, klick «info» and then the artist name in the player.
Enjoy, and feel free to share the playlist with your friends!