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Hail Brittania

So here I go, the least likely guy to ever blog is finally catching up with the times. Bear with me, these thing will hopefully only get better and better as I have no clue what I'm doing. The past weeks have been very exciting for me as I am finally getting ready to release my music and start touring the UK. Except for a few one off gigs in London I have never had the chance to play there and I have to say that if these last 8 gigs are anything to go by I have some great times ahead of me.

We started our summer tour in London at a packed Borderline where we were fortunate to have Nate Campany and Susanne Sundfør as support and what a great night it turned out to be. I was nervous as hell (as I tend to be) because this was the first gig we had played as a band in over 6 months. And to be honest, I could kind of tell, but there was something to be said about the energy that comes from that kind of resting period also. And on this night I think it played to our advantage. Thanks to everyone for showing up! We moved on to play The Great Escape festival in Brighton where we ended our 3 gig stay with a show at The Duke of York Picture House. What a great place to play a solo show, lovely acoustics and seated audience! Can't ask for more. The last week we have been lucky enough to fall in love with the English countryside, as been traveling crosscountry by rail. Newcastle, Liverpool, Bristol, Nottingham and back to London. It's called dart booking I believe, but we had a really good time so all's good.

Back in London I played Bush Hall as support for The Duke and the King I was told. This is the night that ended in the infamous Cocoa Pops incident which I will tell you more about at some later point. I think I had fantastic evening. Bright and early next morning I headed for Kensaltown Studios where I worked with a guy called Andreas B. Olsson on a new version of an old song of mine for UK radio. Also managed to squeese in a photo shoot with photographer Derrick Santini on that day. A fantastic photographer and patient guy. (you have to be when you're working with the worst "poser" in the world). Been working hard on my "Blue Steele" ever since. For the time being I'm back in Stavanger in Norway just hanging with the family when I'm not in the studio working. I'm waiting to get my first movie soundtrack from mastering and then I head to Oslo to do the final soundmix on the film. I'll try to keep this blog fresh and updated as time goes by and if nothing exciting happens then I'll just make some shit up. No, seriously. Hope you all stay well,

all the best
Thomas Dybdahl

Road Fodder:
Book(s) brought - Underground by Haruki Murakami and Freakonomics by Stephen and Steven
Albums for the road - Histoir de Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourgh and Empty Words for Music with Piano by John Cage
Most memorable meal - BBQ..ed burgers at Al's place in Putney
Movies seen - Once and Spirited Away