The Sound Of Stavanger

New shows added to Geoff Berner tour

New message from Geoff Berner

Dear Everybody,
Well, the advance tickets sold out for the Thursday show at Sound of Mu.  We'll still sell a few at the door, but lately I've found that the anxiety of having sold out a show and having to turn friends away is just as stomach-grinding as the anxiety of the old days when nobody showed up.  So we've added an extra show for Friday, April 10.  Lasso will play again, and Oslo's own accordion songstress Guro von Germeten will join the bill. If you decide to come to both, I promise I'll play different songs.

 Also, sorry I forgot to mention the Aarhus show in the last message.  What kind of person forgets Aarhus?  Unforgivable.  I'm playing at the University Bar there, on Monday, April 27.

April 6 - Kristiansand - Charlie's
April 8 - Trondheim - Blaest
April 9 - Oslo - Sound of Mu, with Lasso, 21:00 Advance Tickets may be purchased at Sound of Mu.
April 10 - Oslo - Sound of Mu, with Lasso and Guro von Germeten 21:00. Advance Tickets may be purchased at Sound Mu.
April 15 - Helsinki, Finland (11 am) Live performance on Radio Helsinki
April 15 - Helsinki, Finland - Bar Loose, with Mäkkelä
April 16 - Tampere, Finland - Kulttuurikahvila Hertta, with Mäkkelä
April 17 - Sein joki, Finland - Rokkikellari, with Mäkkelä
April 18 - Stockholm, Sweden - KGB
April 20 - Göteborg, Sweden - Mitt Andra Hem, Andra Långgatan 29
April 22 - Malmö, Sweden - Bodoni
April 24 - Aalborg, Denmark - 1000fryd, with Dusty Awe
April 25 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Selina Bar, with Dusty Awe
April 26 - Odense, Denmark - Studenterhus (EARLY AFTERNOON SHOW!!!  16:30!)
April 27 - Aarhus, Denmark - University Bar
May 1 - Belfast, Northern Ireland - Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, with Jinx Lennon