The Sound Of Stavanger

Christer Wulff debut EP

Christer Wulff is releasing his debut EP «Until We Meet Again» on Friday 21. August on the new CCAPlokal label

This is a digital only release, but the artist have printed a few physical copies of the EP to sell at gigs
He performs at Revolver in Oslo Friday 21. August, and will be performing in Tromsø, Bergen and Stavanger the coming week.
Full schedule, music, bio and more at his website

Christer Wulff is a singer/songwriter from Tromsø, a small city at the northernmost tip of Norway. And perhaps the long dark winters or bright short summers have inspired him to lure out the contrast and nerve in each song. Maybe the early fondness for Elvis or the childhood days with Traveling Wilburys' Vol. 1 has shaped his sound into what PopMatters refer to as “A soul-bearing balladeer with booming vocal bravado”. Or it could simply be that his nomadic past of living in Berlin, New York or Central Asia have formed his eclectic songwriting.
Live he varies his shows by bringing his trumpet player, the upright bass, an organ, drums, a backing vocalist or just his acoustic. Regardless, the songs are always upfront, honest and heartfelt.